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Pope Benedict XVI is a people magnet.

As I type this entry, I’m sitting in the media center in downtown DC… in this room alone I can hear at least 8 different languages being spoken. In front of me, there are three journalists having a conversation in French. To my right, there’s a whole row of Spanish television and radio organizations; there’s a photographer in the back who is from Brazil, but now lives in NYC; and scattered about the room there are journalists from Germany, France and several other European countries; not to mention the languages that I don’t recognize. (Remember- I’m not a linguist…)

Of course, this diversity pours out onto the streets of DC- some speaking their native African tongue, others fluent in Chinese and Japanese (not that I can tell them apart…). A stop in Chinatown reveals not only Chinese cuisine, but Mexican, American, Thai, Lebanese, and even a few Irish pubs. It’s amazing the transformation that takes place when you step inside the door to escape the hustle and bustle that is DC. But I digress…

In our previous blogs and the stories we’ve cut, you’ve met some of the people we’ve met throughout Papal Visit 2008: the Hispanic Catholics from Cali, the Nebraskan family who lived in Rome, the tried and true DC residents themselves, etc. It is amazing to me that so many different people are all in the same place…. many of them for the same reason- to get a glimpse of the Holy See.

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The Bob and Tom Show…the POPEMOBILE!


So…sometime’s when you’re a journalist, walking around with a press pass around your neck, people ask you things. Today was that kind of day, except everyone we met had a story to tell us…and all their names were BOB (okay they’re were only 2 but still).  Oh and then…okay sorry too much to tell.

After becoming famous over the radio last night, we stayed in this lovely media center editing our PAK for this week’s show…you can check it out on YouTube, and our fabulously good looking new website.  

Okay…so now.  Let’s talk about today.  After getting home last night and writing webstories and scripts for today’s show…we finally went to bed at like 2:00 (well that’s what time i attempted to go to bed).  Woke up this morning at 7:20…we were supposed to leave at 7:30. 

Running late, we couldn’t find our bus stop, so we just took the damn metro to the Russell building where we met Senator Harkin (for like 2 seconds).  We took a picture and then he had to leave to go party with the pope, or i guess i shouldn’t call it that.  But Kate and Lauren ventured over towards the Whitehouse…in hopes to get a glimpse of their time on the lawn…BUT we didn’t.  So I a phone call to our friend at CBS, Mary Walsh…she gave us a tip as to where the Pope was supposed to be later and that he might get out and walk around.  

So we headed straight there…and let’s just say KATE AND LAUREN GOT TO SEE THE PIMPED OUT POPEMOBILE…LIVE!  I think maybe it’s an oxymoron to call it pimped out, but seriously that guy has an awesome ride, and he doesn’t even get to drive it.  Lauren stood on a light pole to get the footage while kate was standing on quote “a pile of dirt surrounded by hospital employees” None the less, Kate had the handy camera and Lauren had the panasonic and we came up with some decent footage.  We’re troopers…and I now we look like lobsters.  Lauren’s sunburnt…and so is KAte…not that you care.

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…

Not quite as funny as the movie of course… but nevertheless, the title seems fitting for our trip so far. We took my car to Gurnee, Leslie’s SUV to O’Hare, American Airlines (despite the threat of cancellations lol) from O’Hare to Ronald Reagan, Metro around DC, the Marc to Penn Station, the Light Rail to the outskirts of Baltimore… haha, I think we’ve covered everything but boats— and maybe those motorized scooters.

Anyway, it’s been an adventure and I just wanted to jot a quick note about my love of public transportation— at least in DC. The metro might be my new favorite toy haha. Who knows where it will take us tomorrow? Maybe we’ll jump on the blue line and the Pope will just be on there, waiting for us to interview him! haha, sometimes its fun to think the unthinkable…

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Hope For the Pope


We officially survived Day 1 of Pope coverage.  Things sure were crazy. Over the course of the day we’ve been to the media center, Baltimore and CBS in D.C.

It all started with a morning Metro ride to Westin Hotel Washington City Center.  We had no problem getting our press credentials.  Perhaps the best part was that were surrounded by network producers from ABC and CBS picking up their dozens of media passes.  I couldn’t help but think about how here we were from little old Loras College in Dubuque, IA standing next to some big time producer, here to cover the same event!  Pretty sweet right? haha listen to me.  No but seriously it was great.  Despite the fact that all our pass gets us into is the Media Center.  

So after the excitement of receiving our fabulously good looking press credentials, we headed to Union Station to take a MARC Train to Baltimore.  45 mins later we were in Baltimore but had to take a LightRail to my great grandmother’s place.  We had lunch there and then received a phone call from John Walsh back in Dubuque.  Apparently we had received and e-mail from Mary Walsh, his cousin who is a producer at CBS in D.C.  So we had arrangements for us to come to the station in D.C. – tour it and see how things work. So after lunch, we headed back to D.C. 

At 6:00 we got to our stop and found CBS about ten minutes later.  Mary greeted us and showed us around.  She introduced us to everyone as “her friends from Loras COllege in town covering the Pope’s visit”  We sat down and talked for a bit and she started brainstorming ways for us to try to get press passes.  She e-mailed a sister she knew, who then referred us to someone else.  Maybe it will help getting an e-mail from a CBS producer on our side!  If you ask me, we were pretty lucky to meet up with her.  The other good news was that everyone at the station was suprised about our situation.  Being denied passes into the events.  They didn’t understand either.  So that made us feel better, like it’s not something that happens everyday.  So cross your fingers!  We’re hoping someone comes through with some sort of opportunity to cover an actual event that the Pope is at…as a member of the Media.  

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