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Preparations: Then there were complications… Now we have to be “real” Journalists

Pope travels America for the first time.


Hey there!

So we’re preparing for our D.C. trip to catch the Pope. At the moment its kind of going to be a game…to see if we get lucky enough to find him. Why? Well it’s because we were only pre-approved to cover the Pope, we just received word today from all three requests that we will NOT be given press credentials into these events, but instead we have access to the feeds in the media center. Now I don’t know about you but that’s not exactly what we were going for. NOT AT ALL.

But this brings forth a good challenge, in my eyes. The way I see it, we’re now forced to be “real” journalists and go out and find a story. Maybe something that you woudn’t expect from you average pope coverage story. We’ll be walking around D.C. looking everywhere for stories about everything to do with his visit. Talking with people preparing for the event, spending time around the events and trying to get and insiders view into it all.

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