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The Bob and Tom Show…the POPEMOBILE!


So…sometime’s when you’re a journalist, walking around with a press pass around your neck, people ask you things. Today was that kind of day, except everyone we met had a story to tell us…and all their names were BOB (okay they’re were only 2 but still).  Oh and then…okay sorry too much to tell.

After becoming famous over the radio last night, we stayed in this lovely media center editing our PAK for this week’s show…you can check it out on YouTube, and our fabulously good looking new website.  

Okay…so now.  Let’s talk about today.  After getting home last night and writing webstories and scripts for today’s show…we finally went to bed at like 2:00 (well that’s what time i attempted to go to bed).  Woke up this morning at 7:20…we were supposed to leave at 7:30. 

Running late, we couldn’t find our bus stop, so we just took the damn metro to the Russell building where we met Senator Harkin (for like 2 seconds).  We took a picture and then he had to leave to go party with the pope, or i guess i shouldn’t call it that.  But Kate and Lauren ventured over towards the Whitehouse…in hopes to get a glimpse of their time on the lawn…BUT we didn’t.  So I a phone call to our friend at CBS, Mary Walsh…she gave us a tip as to where the Pope was supposed to be later and that he might get out and walk around.  

So we headed straight there…and let’s just say KATE AND LAUREN GOT TO SEE THE PIMPED OUT POPEMOBILE…LIVE!  I think maybe it’s an oxymoron to call it pimped out, but seriously that guy has an awesome ride, and he doesn’t even get to drive it.  Lauren stood on a light pole to get the footage while kate was standing on quote “a pile of dirt surrounded by hospital employees” None the less, Kate had the handy camera and Lauren had the panasonic and we came up with some decent footage.  We’re troopers…and I now we look like lobsters.  Lauren’s sunburnt…and so is KAte…not that you care.

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