So at least somebody wants us….

We just got back to the media center to catch the live feed from the Pope’s “arrival.” On the way in, we met a woman named Robyn who works for a Sirius radio station called The Catholic Channel out of New York City. She wants us to be a part of their LIVE show tonight! (yes we really are that important out here) Anyway, the show is called “Busted Halo” and is aimed at young adults (between the ages of 20-30) so she says we’re perfect people for her audience to hear from. They’re trying to give their audience a snapshot of the people who are here, covering Papal Visit 2008. If you google Sirius or The Catholic Channel, you can find a link to get a free trial… so if you love us, you should probably use your trial between 7-8pm (Eastern Time) to hear us as we get famous!

kate & lauren

ps- we just had our first ever national radio debut! and it was so very enjoyable! plus we got stickers and pens haha what could be better?!?! it almost made up for our lack of contact with His Holiness… almost.

pps- if you missed us, dont worry! The producer said she’ll send us a copy 🙂


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