Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…

Not quite as funny as the movie of course… but nevertheless, the title seems fitting for our trip so far. We took my car to Gurnee, Leslie’s SUV to O’Hare, American Airlines (despite the threat of cancellations lol) from O’Hare to Ronald Reagan, Metro around DC, the Marc to Penn Station, the Light Rail to the outskirts of Baltimore… haha, I think we’ve covered everything but boats— and maybe those motorized scooters.

Anyway, it’s been an adventure and I just wanted to jot a quick note about my love of public transportation— at least in DC. The metro might be my new favorite toy haha. Who knows where it will take us tomorrow? Maybe we’ll jump on the blue line and the Pope will just be on there, waiting for us to interview him! haha, sometimes its fun to think the unthinkable…

until tomorrow!



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