We spent a chunk of our day filming at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception- found lots of people with lots of stories. We were outside shooting Lauren’s standup (which took approximately 12 takes due to our lack of an ability to be on the same page at the same time). Anyway, while this was taking place, two busloads of Hispanic Catholics appeared from essentially nowhere… but they were there and they were ready to worship.. chanting BEEEEN-NE-DIC -TO! in this really fun lyrical chant… which is now stuck in my head. They had come from California and were thrilled about the fact that they would get to see the Holy Father. Their passion for their faith was pretty awesome. My favorite part of the experience (other than learning the Spanish word for Benedict of course) would be when I was walking up close to get a shot of the musicians and found myself surrounded by the worshipers. I don’t know if I’m painting a vivid picture, but just imagine Kate, with a camera, surrounded by 50-100 Hispanic people from California… all of them singing and dancing in a circle, while Lauren stands outside the circle,  laughing. Gotta love this day…


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