Hello there!

Lauren and Kate here…officially writing from WASHINGTON D.C.  After staying up all night friday, sleeping four hours, driving four hours, locking kates keys in her car as we arrived to Chicago and eating a late night dinner we headed to the airport this morning.

This is where the adventure continues.  Kate checked in just fine, i however didn’t. I had to wait in a long line, all the while waiting to see if I actually had a seat. No biggie i was fine.  Then we headed through security and found our gate.  At 10:20 am…the same time we were scheduled to board, i got a call from American Airlines saying our flight was cancelled.  So did everyone around me, but they were boarding…so we were confused.  Started working on changing our ticket, and 5 mins later i got a call saying our fight was reinstated.  FUNNY JOKE huh?!  haha turns out they were canceling the same flight for TOMORROW not today!!! lucky us!

well we’re here.  Staying with a Loras Alumni.  We’re headed into downtown to meet kate’s grandma and have dinner.  Then it’s off to mass at the Basillica  (where the Pope will be later this week). Maybe we’ll find something cool…storyworthy…

LOVE and PEACE from D.C.

Lauren and Kate


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